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Experienced Lawyer Protects Your Interests with Premarital Agreements

A premarital agreement in California is a legally binding contract between two people who are contemplating marriage together. This type of agreement can be a good idea for soon-to-be spouses who want to protect separate property, want to avoid the default community property rules for the property they acquire after marriage, or have children from a previous relationship that they want to provide for. When drafted properly, a California premarital agreement can protect and secure your financial assets in case of divorce. However, it is important that you understand the rules surrounding these agreements and that you have your legal
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Knowledgeable California Child Support Lawyer Helps You Secure and Challenge Child Support Orders

California law recognizes that every child is entitled to financial support from both of their parents. Child support is a payment made from one parent to the other parent to ensure the child’s basic needs are met and also that the child enjoys the same lifestyle that he or she would have had if the parents lived together. The Law Office of Peter Tuann can help you to establish, enforce, and modify child support orders. Mandatory Child Support Formula  California law uses a statutory formula to determine the appropriate amount of child support that should be ordered. This formula calculates
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