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Barry Bond’s Pre-Nupt failed. Here is why.

  Many attorneys refuse to do pre-nupts these days. Their assumption is that they never hold up in an actual divorce. Wrong. First, what are pre-nupts? And, why does anyone need them?  California law assumes that after a couple gets married, all moneys earned by either husband or wife is community property, meaning if there is a divorce all money earned will be shared equally or divided equally.  When baseball star Barry Bonds married, he was earning $8 Million a year, she was earning zero.  Apparently, Barry Bond’s lawyer drafted a pre-nuptial contract where Barry’s fiancee was to give up
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Divorce in CA requires English Documents

One woman called me about her husband’s prior divorce. The ex-wife kept all the divorce documents and they were all in Chinese. This is improper as No California court will grant a divorce without proper pleadings, all in English. Typically, husband, wife and the Superior Court will all have a filed endorsed copy of the final divorce decree. People can use Chinese or Spanish or any language to agree to settle a divorce case, but the pleading documents must be in English. Here, the woman who called me about her husband’s “divorce” may actually not be be married legally as
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